Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cute Family 2.0

Some really cute family pictures with my flooring background 2.0. So the last one I build was a very temporary test background. Temporary although it was there a  while. This new one is very stable so I could have people lean against it. I have been wanting to do some family pictures against it and the opportunity came up yesterday. Although it did anger my neighbor who wanted to do pictures with it. And somehow she decided it was her background. She was a little upset but oh well. They're moving anyway. I can't concern myself with someone who would quit this neighborhood. Quitters!!! Anyway this is the cutest family and everyone was great. I love how they turned out. I hope you like them.


Lisa E said...

Turned out cute! Can't wait to see the rest! (I'm sure it's due to background 2.0.)

natball said...

Can't believe you typed quite this neighborhood instead of quit! Good thing you take great pictures:) I really like the backdrop and might even "let" you take some family pictures for us in the near futur.