Tuesday, September 28, 2010

In the Belly of a Whale

Fits, tantrums, tears, crying, yelling, apologies, more fits, and that was just me. They were great. Aside from some direction and location issues the shoot went off without a hitch. Well, one hitch. The cute little blond took a bit to warm up to me. But I'm sure you understand the intimidating effect my good looks have on women. As you can see she warmed up and was amazing. I love how the shoot turned out. What do you think?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Once Ugly Now Horrible

These kids were once labeled, by me, as ugly. I recant that blog and now label them horrible. Oh the drama, and tears, and fits, and whining and clothing changes. But do to my superior photography skills and some damn cute kids the pictures turned out amazing. We had fun with these horrible monsters, (Grover and Oscar). They are my niece and nephew so I feel I can call them what I want. Thank you very much.

Monday, September 6, 2010

I'm in heap big trouble

These are of some cute kids with a really annoying and ornery mom. The boy just didn't seem to want to shoot. He must not realize how amazing I am or what a privilege it is to shoot with me while the baby fully recognized the opportunity. And took full advantage of it by flirting the whole time.From the multi picture you can see the progression of a picture.

Lost and Found

These were shot after a long drive that went to all the wrong places. Due to my getting lost I now hate Ogden. I'm sure it wasn't Ogden's fault I just think it could have been more helpful then it was. Also the directions I was text were oddly split up by my phone so a street I was looking for was not the street I should have been looking for. Anyway, this is Shailey and we were shooting for her model portfolio. She was amazing and as you can see the pictures turned out so great. Her husband and child were very patient during the shoot. We moved around to a few locations and ended up with a ton of cute pictures. These are some I liked. Let me know what you think.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Salt Lick City

This is the kind of family you just hate. Look at them. Cute, fun, funny, sweet, handsome, adorable, friendly, and they could not be nicer. It's unfair. You can't have it all and they do. All this and access to an amazing photographer? Other families just can't compete. However! You'll notice one of the twins is missing his front teeth. With all the good you have to have something unfortunate and a punch in the mouth from your brother will do it. Of course they are great, the pictures turned out amazing and we went home smelling like the Great Salt Lake. Now that's family pictures. I hope you enjoy.