Monday, February 20, 2012

My Cute Outfit

These were shot at Trolley Square yesterday.You're most likely thinking this woman is gorgeous and has an amazing body so she must be a pain to work with. You'ld be right. I think she thought everyone that starred as they walked by was looking at her. Like I'm not standing there to be looked at. And I'm sure the janitor that walked by four times was only looking at her. Yea right. 'Cause no one wants to look at the middle aged, slightly overweight, bald man? That description sounds worse than I am. I was even wearing my cute outfit. Hello.  Anyway the pictures turned out great and she really was great, probably faking it.


That's My Story

Saturday afternoon we shot these in Sandy. She was great but I should have picked a different location. This was one of if not her first shoot and she was so great. Especially with her mom yelling out poses and ideas.

Pills and Homeless- Now That's Family Pictures

We shot these Saturday morning at the downtown library. The kids were really good for about 15 minutes, then not as good for the next 20 minutes. Then great at the end, of course we were done shooting by then. There were pills and homeless and aside from one really creepy guy things went well. The husband is a cop, so could this be considered community service?