Saturday, March 31, 2012

What's Black and White and Redheaded All Over

Shot these this evening whilst sitting around bored. Luckily we have a neighbor with a redhead. They're way better then all our other neighbors that ignored my Facebook plea for models. they're all jerks, except the ones that read my blog. I'm sure they were busy with stuff. Anyway this gal and her mom came over and sat for a quick shoot. She is expecting to become famous for having her picture posted online so don't disappoint. And you don't want to anger a redhead!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Shot To Heck

Shot these today in what seemed like Nevada, it could have been Area 51. I go to meet this new model in Tooele. So of course I'm expecting some backwards hillbilly. Then this girl shows up, with all her teeth. Not caring that it ruins my preconceived notions of Tooele. I hate people like that. But she was easy to work with although her mom, waiting in the car, seemed to have trouble not honking the horn. The pictures turned out great and despite the cold and wind it was a great shoot. Thanks Chelsea

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Adding to Su.Spence

This is my most favorite person in the world. The best model I have ever worked with. And the most natural. All it cost me was $3.00 in toys from Target. She was shaved for some surgeries but I love her hair so short and so I begged her mom to let me photograph her. She was perfect from the moment she stood in front of my kitchen table flipped onto its side, that was our background. So great and amazing and wonderful. The pictures turned out exactly as I wanted them to. If only all shoots went like this. These are so amazing I expect there to be more comments then on any other post. So lets hear it folks.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Eenie, Meenie, Emma, Moe

Shot these Saturday. This is one of my nieces.  Hilarious and so cute. She did so great on this shoot. And so did I. They are a gift from a friend for her moms birthday. It is a surprise so hopefully she doesn't know about the internet and won't find out. No one tell her.