Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Elusive and Highly Sought After

These two are the elusive east side Loosli children. Not often found in public, but I was able to photograph them in their natural habitat. Very cute but extremely sensitive to loud noises, one must gain their trust and be accepted into their family group as I was.

From A to B

These two are Adrienne and Betsy, friends of Laura ( from an earlier post). We shot at Gardner Village and had a lot of fun. Once the giggling stopped we shot and shot and shot, about 1644 times. They were great, I guess they still are, to work with. These two had so many great ideas and clothing changes we ended up with an amazing amount of pictures to choose from. I would work with them again in a second.

She put the Rude in Rudy

Here are a couple of pictures of some adorable kids with a rude mom who makes mean comments about incredibly inconsistent bloggers. But I won't hold that against the kids. I hope you're reading this and feeling very regretful. If it happens again I will begin posting photoshoped pictures of you. The kids were amazing and we photographed at Wheeler Farm.

Merrilly Merrilly Merrilly

These three kids were so fun to photograph. When we began I asked who wanted to be first and the youngest came forward ready to go. It started off great and only got better. They all were great and we have a ton of great pictures to go through.