Sunday, September 9, 2007

Loosli Took

I have finally taken the time to post my first post. I hope I'm doing it right. I'm sure there will be some problems since I am spelling everything rather than using acronyms. The purpose of my blog is to post recent pictures that I have photographed without having to update my website each week. I also thought it would be nice for you out there to get to know me. I am Peter by the way. It's nice to meet you. A little about me. I am married, usually happily. I have two children. They are amazing and hilarious and great kids. That's little enough for now I'm sure over the next while you will learn more about me. I am posting a couple of pictures recently photographed that turned out great. The whole shoot actually went amazingly well. I will keep the long winded rants and soapbox standing to a minimum as I'm sure your not interested in reading that here. That's all for now and I will let spell checker finish off the rest. Is spell checker one or two words? I guess we will see. Come back soon.

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