Sunday, April 1, 2012

Kitchen Table Quick Shots

The idea of these shoots is a quick no thrills simple shoot. Very little prep and shot just in front of my kitchen table flipped on its edge as the background. I like the idea of a clean simple look so hopefully you see something of their personality. If I could think of something mean to say I would. But I am tired of dealing with so many terrible kids and parents. They are still better then those that didn't respond or come over (Brandy). But the pictures are great and it entertained me for the day. So thanks to those who answered my Facebook call and I hope you like what turned out.

1 comment:

SummerV said...

Really fun. I love the one of the three girls. Wish I lived closer because you know I have a couple redheads that are always willing to model and they are not lacking in personality..and a damn cute little baby boy.