Monday, August 22, 2011

Too Much Pretty

We broke the laws in some of these pictures. But is was for a good cause. The pictures turned out great and doesn't that trump the laws.  These people are way too pretty to have to follow all the rules. The pictures are amazing, the families are great and the mountains were amazing, aside from some bugs. A great time to take family pictures. I'm not hinting. I'm just saying.


Unknown said... are FABULOUS!!! Seriously I can't tell you enough, you are my favorite photographer. I love that you get good classic shots, and then mix it up with some awesome candid shots. Thank you again!

The Hulls said...

Yes, THANK YOU so much Peter! We love the pictures!! You did such an awesome job! Thanks again!

SummerV said...

All very cute! Mountains do look good which is nice because then your not distracted by those really unattractive people in the front. Ha ha. REally fun!