Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Models models everywhere

I really could have used a couple more cameras this last Saturday. I had shoots with two models and both turned out so great. The first is Marci and she was so nice and so easy to work with. She is in the striped shirt. We shot in Bountiful on an older street and had a great time. Next is Kati and we shot at Liberty park in Salt Lake. She was a lot of fun and we shot her in four different outfits, I think. She was great to work with and one of the most focused models that I have shot. She was fun and playful but as soon as we started shooting she got into it and was so amazing. I haven't been getting too many comments on the shoots lately and I would love to hear what you think, so let me know. Thanks. And come back soon.


SummerV said...

I LOVE the last one of the blond. Looks very VOGUE. They are all really beautiful! The brunette is a cutie. You did a great job, I am sure they are thrilled with the pictures.

Jenny -amvona said...

They are all beautiful. I love the second one of the model Marci and I must agree the shoot with the second model are very VOGUE. Great job