Monday, September 15, 2008

Fine Fine Fine

I am being warned by my wife to not be mean and offend this family. So all I will say is everything was fine and the pictures turned out fine. There now everyone will be happy and no one will be offended because of something I wrote. And boy could I write a few things. There were so many instances I could write about that you would not believe. Anyway the pictures are fine. Except for Thomas, he was terrible. Sorry. That's all. Thanks


Kirsten said...

I told you my family was insane. But we love them anyways!! I guess its good that you don't have to have a family dinner with them once a month!! Sorry if it was a bit overwhelming we only do pictures every couple of years, so no more insanity for a couple more years.

Kirsten said...

Just to clarify, Heather made the first comment, we just did it under my blogger account was all. I would never call our family insane..... :p
The pictures look great!

The Rudy Family said...

Great pictures I love the black and white of the parents (grandparents) that is so sweet.