Thursday, March 27, 2008

Not your model blogger

Here are some pictures from a couple of recent shoots. The first three are of Laura. This was a really fun shoot. We went to Gardner village and moved all over. She was great and we have a ton of great pictures to choose from. She could not have been better to work with. Next is Nadia. I photographed her downtown. This was a fun shoot as well . The only problem I had with her was two different men trying to pick her up while we were shooting. She was really fun to work with and we will be shooting again in the next couple of days. Thanks for visiting.


Kris Doman said...

Just wanted to say I love the model shoots you've been doing lately! What an awesome lens... *sigh* I really like the split toning on the first image. Very cool.

Johnston Family said...
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Johnston Family said...

Thanks Peter for changing your comments. You really are such an awesome photographer! Cool Beans!:)